1982-92 Camaro Complete LED Exterior Lighting Kit

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  • 1982-92 Camaro Complete LED Exterior Lighting Kit
  • 1982-92 Camaro Complete LED Exterior Lighting Kit- illuminated headlight
  • 1982-92 Camaro Complete LED Exterior Lighting Kit- illuminated w/HP11
  • 1982-92 Camaro Complete LED Exterior Lighting Kit- illuminated w/xp80
  • 1982-92 Camaro Complete LED Exterior Lighting Kit- illuminated switchbacks
  • 1982-92 Camaro Complete LED Exterior Lighting Kit- bulbs


Complete LED conversion kit for 1982-92 Camaros includes all the led bulbs and other parts you need to convert all exterior lighting to led. Includes Headlights, front turn signals, tail lights, side marker bulbs, LED License plate light bulbs, headlight install hardware and pair of led flashers. For headlights you can choose from United Pacific headlights with LED bulbs (low beam or high & low), Holley Retrobright headlights or no headlights. Kits come standard with Holley Retrobright led bulbs or you can select Diode Dynamics HP48, HP11 or XP80 bulbs in the options (more information below). For the parking lights you can also select Diode Dynamics switchback bulbs, these unique bulbs light up white with the running lights and switch to amber when the turn signals are in use. All products are also available separately if you don't need a complete kit. You can add fog lights or led bulbs for your existing fog lights if your Camaro has them also. Does not include 3rd brake light bulbs (1991-92 available separately). Let us know if you have any questions. Price changes automatically as you change options.

     Products includes: All exterior lights including headlights, front parking lights/turn signal bulbs, side marker, license plate light bulbs, tail light bulbs, install hardware and led flashers. Fog light bulbs optional.

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We have 4 different bulb options for this kit:
 Holley Retrobright - Same size and appearance of the original except with the advantages of led lighting - lower current draw, brighter output and instant on. 2 year warranty
Diode Dynamics HP48 - brighter with more leds contained in the bulb plus a cleaner amber output and less electrical draw.
3 year warranty
 Diode Dynamics HP11 - Brighter output compared to the HP48. These bulbs have side and forward facing leds in the bulb for brighter output and more coverage. 3 year warranty
Diode Dynamics XP80 - Brightest LED bulb available, big improvement over stock or other led bulbs. Similar design as the HP11 except with more leds per bulb for the brightest output of all the options. 3 year warranty

Why are my turn signals too fast or don't work at all when I switch to LED bulbs?

LED bulbs have a lower resistance so older mechanical style flasher relays won't work with them. LED flashers are designed to function with LED bulbs solving turn signal problems like hyper(too fast) flashing or no flashing. Instructions show where flashers go which makes an easier install. Unlike cheaper no load flashers, these will still make a low clicking noise so you know your turn signals are on. This kit includes a pair of the correct led flashers. 

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