1968 Camaro LED Strip Parking Lights

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  • 1968 Camaro LED Strip Parking Lights
  • 1968 Camaro LED Strip Parking Lights - uninstalled
  • 1968 Camaro LED Strip Parking Lights - illuminated
  • 1968 Camaro LED Strip Parking Lights - multi finish
  • 1968 Camaro LED Strip Parking Lights - led


Increase reliability and add a modern look with 1968 Camaro led strip parking lights. The led strip also has a more even light output since the light comes from the full length of the lens instead of the center and has no metal contacts. 1968 Camaros have a metal contact on the parking lights that easily corrodes, this cause all kinds of parking light problems. This is eliminated by using a led strip instead of a bulb inside the housing. These light up white with the parking lights and switch to amber when the turn signals are in use. We use brand new reproduction lens/housing for a factory look and eliminate the original wiring/contacts. Trim rings available in chrome or satin black, if satin black trim are selected the housings will also be powder coated black. Uses aluminum powder coated black brackets that mount the control box for the lights to the back of the light which makes them an easy install with a reliable connection. Since they are led they require changing to led compatible flashers under the dash. Uses a ground wire instead of a chassis ground and a weather resistant quick connect for better reliability. Includes install hardware. Fits all 1968 Standard Camaros - will not fit RS Camaros.

Product Includes: Complete ready to install LED Parking Lights, both sides with hardware.

Why are my turn signals too fast or don't work at all when I switch to LED?
LED bulbs have a lower resistance so older mechanical style flasher relays won't work with them. LED flashers are designed to function with LED bulbs solving turn signal problems like hyper(too fast) flashing or no flashing. The flashers we sell use a ground wire and include a polarity reverser. Unlike cheaper no load flashers, these will still make a low clicking noise so you know your turn signals are on. Most cars will not need the polarity reverser. Works best to try the flasher with the ground wire first, then if your turn signals flash very slow or not at all use the polarity reverser. Mostly cars with aftermarket or modified fuse boxes will need the polarity reverser. Either way you will have everything you need without waiting on more parts.


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